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Molly has written speeches, op-eds, news articles, fact pieces, long-form academic policy reports, and advocacy briefs. This page is a collection of her published work.

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Articles for The Century Foundation

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  1. How Will Congress’s Latest COVID-19 Relief Package Address Paid Sick and Family Leave? (March 27, 2020 with Julie Kashen and Jamila Taylor, URL:
  2. From Kuwait to America, Gender-Based Killings Considered Less Than Murder (July 26, 2018, URL:
  3. Paid Family Leave Should Not Come at the Expense of Retirement (July 16, 2018, with Julie Kashen, URL:
  4. Annapolis Journalists Are Murdered In Age of Burgeoning Attacks on Journalists, Disparagement of Press (June 29, 2018, URL:
  5. The Domestic Gag Rule Is Disastrous for Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights (June 20, 2018, URL:
  6. Reconciling the Proposed House and Senate Sexual Harassment Accountability Bills (June 14, 2018, URL:
  7. Holding Politicians Accountable for Sexual Assault (January 23, 2018, URL:
  8. In the Time of #MeToo, Will Colleges Hold the Line on Title IX? (October 30, 2017, URL:
  9. Women’s Underrepresentation in Politics: No, It’s Not Just an Ambition Gap (September 21, 2017, URL:
  10. Bipartisan Mission to End Sexual Violence Confronts Rape Kit Backlog (June 27, 2017, URL:
  11. 3-K for All: A Win for Children, Working Families, and Gender Equality (April 25, 2017, URL:
  12. The War on Women’s Health Care Continues at the Hands of Mostly Men (April 3, 2017, URL:
  13. House Health Care Bill Could Hurt Reproductive Rights (March 20, 2017, URL:
  14. How the Global Gag Rule Impedes Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights (February 28, 2017, URL:
  15. Reproductive Health Care: A Favorite Target in America (January 19, 2017, URL:
  16. Will the White House Continue the Fight against Campus Sexual Violence? (January 10, 2017, URL:
  17. Ikea Is Right: Hourly Workers Need Paid Parental Leave, Too (December 7, 2016, URL:
  18. Deloitte Makes Latest Private Sector Move for Paid Family Leave, Inclusive of All Caregivers (September 13, 2016, URL:
  19. The United States Can’t Afford to Forget about the Sustainable Development Goals (September 9, 2016, URL:
  20. Gun Violence Coverage, Consumption Paint False Reality (Coauthored with Maya Miller, August 1, 2016, URL:
  21. Want to End Syria’s War? Ensure Greater Role for Women in Peace Talks (July 11, 2016, URL:
  22. Working Toward Peace in Syria with Education (May 25, 2016, URL:
  23. 9 Ways Colleges Should Support Underrepresented Students (May 18, 2016, URL:
  24. The Facts Behind Why Americans Need Nationwide Paid Family Leave (May 11, 2016, URL:
  25. Integration in the United States through the Eyes of Syrian Refugees (April 20, 2016,

Articles for VICE Impact

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  1. Having More Women in Power Is Not Just About Being Fair (June 1, 2017, URL:


  1. Women’s March Activists Set Their Sights on the 2018 Midterm Elections (January 22, 2018, URL:
  2. A Year Later, the Women’s March Movement Is Primed for Political Victory (January 19, 2018, URL:
  3. Why the Battle Over Trump’s Court Appointees is a Game-Changer (January 5, 2018, URL:
  4. Here’s What’s Next for the UN As They Move Closer to Their Global Goals Deadline (September 20, 2017, URL:
  5. A Non-Profit Is Training Grandmas to Become Solar Engineers in Rural Areas Worldwide (September 8, 2017, URL:
  6. Here Are Significant Standout Bipartisan Efforts of the Last Decade (August 4, 2017, URL:
  7. Teachers Share Their Concerns About Education Politics in the US (July 25, 2017, URL:
  8. Teachers Shape the Next Generation, But Can They Live Off Their Salaries? (July 24, 2017, URL:
  9. These Are the Past Social Movements That Actually Make America Great (June 30, 2017, URL:
  10. China Is the World’s Climate Change Rising Star (May 23, 2017, URL:
  11. As Bonn Climate Talks Kick Off, Has the U.S. Lost All Credibility? (May 10, 2017, URL:
  12. Bonn Climate Talks Are Next Week, and Here’s Why You Should Care (May 5, 2017, URL:
  13. How Public Is Your Water? (May 3, 2017, URL:
  14. Water Rights are Civil Rights and Civil Rights are Human Rights (April 27, 2017, URL:

Articles for The Huffington Post

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  1. When Peace and Justice Don’t Line Up: Restorative Lessons from Colombia (November 4, 2016, URL:
  2. While Nature Might Not Discriminate, the Effects of Climate Change Do (May 23, 2016, URL:
  3. Revamping Our Focus on the Green SDGs—Because We’re All Human ( February 9, 2016, URL:


  1. 48 Male Politicians Push For More Women Leaders Worldwide (March 8, 2016, URL:
  2. Documentary Teaches Indian Police The Reality of Reporting Rape (December 3, 2015, URL:
  3. Global Photographers Capture The Flag (Coauthored with Lance Gould, October 1, 2015, URL:
  4. Why The Global Water Crisis Is A Gender Rights Issue (September 29, 2015, URL:
  5. Why You Need To Care About Illegal Fishing (September 28, 2015, URL:
  6. This Preventable Issue Is Keeping Kids Out Of School And There’s An Easy Solution (September 28, 2015, URL:

Articles for Medium

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  1. On Anger, Politics, and Hope in the Age of COVID-19 (April 10, 2020, URL:

Articles for Truthout

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Pompeo’s Commission on “Unalienable Rights” Prioritizes Property Over People (July 28, 2020, URL:

Advocacy Research and Writing for Equity Forward

Legislative Analysis:

  1. Title X Under Siege (2019, URL:


  1. Cruelty and Control: Reproductive Rights and Health Care in the U.S. Immigration System (Coauthored with Ashley Underwood, October 18, 2021, URL:
  2. The Heritage Foundation’s Health Department: How an Increasingly Radical Right Wing Think Tank Is Controlling HHS — to the Detriment of Reproductive Health and Other Human Rights (April 25, 2019, URL:

Forward Thinking Blog:

  1. By Overturning Roe, the U.S. Will Lay Bare Its Ugly Reality to the World (January 21, 2022, URL:
  2. Equity Forward Launches New Federal Accountability Campaign, Light Inside (Coauthored with Ashley Underwood, November 3, 2021, URL:
  3. What Remains of the Trump Administration’s Anti-Human Rights Multilateralism? (April 27, 2021, URL:
  4. The Ministerial on Religious Freedom: Pompeo’s Last Extremist Hurrah (November 13, 2020, URL:
  5. Bad Apples Cannot Explain ICE’s Forced Sterilization (Coauthored with Ashley Underwood, October 29, 2020, URL:
  6. Introducing “Forward Thinking”, Equity Forward’s Blog (October 15, 2020, URL:

The College Voice

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